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D.JULINHA (2008)


Coming into contact with the house of Dona Julinha pushes us into another time, arousing in me the re-awakening of childhood memories that I thought were lost. The places, the smells, the colours, the objects, the spaces and more than anything the acquaintance with the remarkable personality of Dona Julinha, turn this audiovisual and interview project into an enriching and memorable experience.

Those who have not lived in, nor hold the key to understanding life in another era not so very far removed from our own hectic days, can, through their own interpretation of the interview that Dona Julinha gave us, come into contact with a time whose depth could help us to know ourselves better, who we are, where we come from, so as to keep track of our personal and collective history.

Although I had already met Dona Julinha, and talked to her on various occasions, the conversation we recorded on video was a revelation that exposed a lively and multi-faceted character with a great ability to adapt to modern times, but with her roots solidly anchored in her family history. (The video can be seen in the Agro-Rural Museum in Ortigosa.)

On the other hand, when taken by the expert hand of Dona Julinha, I recorded in photography a little of the agricultural “culture” of this microcosm that is Vale do Lis, and I saw a beauty that, although in severe decline, still overwhelms and moves us.

Júlio de Matos
March, 9th 2009

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