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PARTY TIME (Backstage Portex, 1984)


Fashion photography is an exciting multifaceted activity. There is a parallel fashion world populated by unique characters, sometimes(some times) only (know) known by their pears.

The Fashion Shows at Portex Fashion Week in Porto, were the most important event of its kind in 1984 in Portugal. 25 years ago people would move all their influences to get a ticket to attend one of these mythical shows. It was the place to be, and Fashion was the event of the day.

I was invited by Luis Ribeiro da Silva, Portex director, to be Portex’s fashion photographer on that year. Being part of the creative team, with Fashion Choreographer Vitor Nobre, and Fashion Coordinator Helena de Matos, allowed me to freely interact in the backstage with models during the show. The models of those days were not today’s standardized products coming from modeling schools. They were coming from all kinds of different backgrounds and were not looking to stay on the fashion scene. The catwalk backstage was a human melting pot!

In the public side of the “curtain” people saw those beautiful models on the catwalk, showing the latest fashion designs. The show could last one hour. The finale extravaganza was always a performance. The public applauded with enthusiasm.

But in the backstage it was a completely different story. It was party time…

It was an alucinating place, with a surrealist flavor. The space was scarce, but in that high rhythm and high energy environment, everybody inside had its senses and perception enhanced.

As a photographer, and with my portraits, I played my part in that wonderful and exciting human atmosphere.

Julio de Matos
May, 31st 2009

Note: All photographs were made during the actual fashion shows in September (20, 21, 22) and December 1st 1984.

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