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Mondrian, recurrently painted the same tree, all over his artistic life. It was a tree that he could see from his window. It was the subject he was probably most familiar with. It is possible to understand his evolution to abstractionism, by just observing his “trees”.

We exercise our most inner way of seeing when we became more familiar with our photographic subject. The more we are familiar with it, the less we are interested in describing and documenting. That “thing” becomes so personal that has the potential of becoming universal.

I look out so many time from that kitchen window, but very seldom with a photographic eye. The view finder is a camera tool that allow us to organize our world. It's format, square or rectangular, vertical or horizontal, is fundamental in our way of seeing.

But when the camera becomes really an extension of our individual and unique photographic eyes/brain complex, we project ourselves in every single detail of our photographic actions.

I want to believe that Mondrian’s window was a similar tool, that he used consciously or not, to see beyond.

Julio de Matos
May, 19th 2009

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