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My dear Júlio,

I almost feel like plagiarising you, by inverting your phrase: “After all here goes later than expected"

Indeed, I must say that I felt the weight of the “very beautiful” photograph and the most elegant site and this word has for me a profound philosophical dimension; in fact, I use it in one of my poems, "The good taste of dying".

I admit that I wrote this poem with the utmost pleasure and attentive care, but also as the “author” of this picture of the Douro, since I saw that bridge so many times like that and it always stuck in my imagination as a return passage from the most hidden and imaginative side within ourselves, because I uphold, against everyone and everything, that we think in images and not in words; but this is another discussion and perhaps, for that reason, my poem is a dense text exacerbated into a rigour that is discovered through careful, even blunt, reading, and breathable as I write and repeat throughout the poem.

And it is a text about the bridge as a return passage from the visible to the invisible. Indeed, from my point of view, the photograph is the ultimate expression of this way of seeing.

The text is addressed to you but I haven’t done so yet because, should you decide to publish it, I don’t know how to do it, so I leave it to your discretion, in case you publish it, as I confess that I don’t know whether it’s appropriate there. So it may seem that it’s only there for the dedication. As for publishing it in one of my books, it shall be done with a reference you. Or should you publish that photo one day accompanied by my text.

Obviously, if you don’t like it, don’t publish it, as I do not wish to taint the high standards of your work and your blog. Believe me, it wouldn’t affect my admiration for you and your work.

Should you take this difficult decision, then one day I’d like to have (I mean, to buy!) a copy of this picture so I can look at it.

And please accept my gratitude and a warm hug from

Jorge Velhote
August 19th, 2009

Note: Letter published with the author’s permission.

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