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Yesterday evening I went to the preview of the latest Manoel de Oliveira’s film at Serralves Museum. “Singularidades De Uma Rapariga Loura” is an extraordinary film. Manoel de Oliveira, the world's eldest film director is now 100 years old, appeared youthful. I met him in person and did his portrait almost two years ago. The first portrait was already exhibited and published, but the second portrait of this gallery, is now presented for the first time.

This Recent Portraits Gallery had its initial impulse, through project (North Portugal - Contemporary Visions) for CCDR-N, a branch of portuguese government that is located in Porto, and deals with North Portugal development.

Since this gallery is a personal project, I decided to broaden it’s scope. From people I knew and admired professionally from many years (Oliveira, Siza; Burmester, Laranjo, Serém, Marmelo,…), to people that I recently met (Chang, Rasquilho, …).

It must be said at this stage, that this is an extremely incomplete work. This gallery will keep on expanding through the years. There are so many people I want to meet and photograph. For me it does not matter if they are loved or not by the media. Showing now these portraits will help me keep going.

So, you are invited to come again in a few months.

Júlio de Matos
April, 30th 2009

Note: Some of the photographs from this series were published in the book North Portugal - Contemporary Visions, 2007. Ed: CCDR-N

Portraits in this gallery: Manoel de Oliveira, Graça Morais, Pedro Burmester, Maria Gambina, Siza Vieira, Sobrinho Simões, Luís Portela, Sandra Tavares, Tiago Monteiro, Jorge Marmelo, Francisco Laranjo, Maria do Carmo Serén, Helena de Matos, Rui Rasquilho, Yung Ho Chang.

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