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When preparing this short gallery I was confronted with some problems. Some were easy to anticipate. Unique Polaroid images from 30 years ago can be lost or be damaged for many reasons. But this process made me be aware of something else I did not anticipated. Where were gone all those missing persons, photographers and others, I photographed in the 80’s.

In the early eighties, as director of the Photography School at Arvore, in Porto, I had plenty of fine art Photographic Connections. At that time, the density of people in different ways connected to me, and involved in a photographic life was high. It was an inspiring environment.

Life cycle of birth, growth and death, seems to have completely different life spans for people living a photographic life. From the images I relocated, I had some difficulties selecting images for this gallery. Many did no grow and vanished from the public photography arena. I even tried Google to search for them.

For many others, like for me, fine art photography is a life long passionate commitment. But it seems that only a tiny percentage of photographers have long photographic lives, that spans across decades. Some photographers arrived late in life, but most of the others vanished in their early photographic days. Why there were so many apparently promising photographers, that vanished?

If we add, on a decade period, the number of students of photography worldwide, the photographers that did their first solo or collective photographic exhibition, the ones with internet photo galleries, and those that published a photo on a photographic magazine, the number must be very high! And if instead, we do this exercise for two or three decades?

I know for my personal photographic history, that one must be resilient and truly passionate about what Photography really is! So its not surprising that so many photographers gave up their dream and possible mission, leaving behind little work and a path with no consequences.

It was a painful process to edit out some portraits. But I had to admit to myself that they did not made any sense today, because they left without trace. The SX-70’s portraits in this gallery illustrate just a small part of those Photographic Connections.

Júlio de Matos
June, 21st 2009

Portraits in this gallery: Renate Werner, Manuel Miranda, Floris Neusüss, Gilles Mora, José Reis, Tom Grotta, Jacques Hoepffner, Giuliana Scimé, Paula Bianchi, Ana Carneiro, Joaquim Vieira, Alberto Jorge, António Cerdeira, Vânia Gomes, Pedro Ricca, Manuel Magalhães, Jean Dieuzaide.

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