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The SX-70 portraits of this gallery where made about 25 years ago, mostly between 1981 and 1984. It was really not a “project” in today’s language, but rather a personal collection. They were part of my way of living and relating with friends and other people I liked or admired.

I started using Polaroid SX-70 in 1980. And I loved it since the first day. Digital photography and it’s concept of instant and discardable image was still decades away. The miracle of instant photos, projected the act of picture making to a special kind of Artistic Performance. So it is not at all artificial, the act of picture signing and dating. Because the photo shooting was an interactive and progressive performance, with every photo discussed and analyzed, till “perfection”. Or at least acceptance by the both parties as a pact!

Six years after the Portuguese Revolution of April 25 1974, the artistic and intelectual activities were blooming. "Árvore", artistic co-op, was at the epicenter of this in Porto.

On my return from RIT, I founded, directed and taught at Árvore, the “Curso Superior de Fotografia”. "Árvore" had a kind of Bauhaus atmosphere, with a lot experimentation and interdisciplinary activity going on. In those years we lived an enthusiastic and creative period.

In this gallery I show photos, all made in Porto, of artists like José Rodrigues, Ângelo de Sousa, Armando Alves, three of the mythical “4 Vintes”. Fernando Tàvora (one of my favorite teachers), and other architects, art curators, and art critics, fashion designers, a group of portraits of Jafumega rock group, for the album Recados. The last photo of this gallery, of an athlete from FCP - Football Club do Porto, twice winer of the “Golden Boot”, completes the large picture!

This group of SX-70’s, that I relocated recently, reveals a possible portrait of my city. It is a personal gift to Porto and an homage to those
I photographed, some no longer with us.

Those were very good years…

Júlio de Matos
April, 25th 2009

Portraits in this gallery: José Rodrigues, Ângelo de Sousa, Armando Alves, Gerardo Burmester, Francisco Laranjo, Teresa Almeida, Rui Pais, Jaime Azinheira, Carlos Trindade, Rui Pimentel, Paula Soares, Fernando Tàvora, Fernando Pinto Coelho, Guilherme Castro, Virgínio Moutinho, Rui Pinto, Jacinto Rodrigues, Bernardo Pinto de Almeida, Carlos França, José Màrio Brandão, Pedro Oliveira, Rui Feijó, Luís Duarte, Eduardo Calvet de Magalhães, Isabel Alves, António Campos, Rui Nunes, Helena de Matos, Isabel Quaresma, Fernanda Gonçalves, Paulo Dias, Luís Portugal, José Nogueira, Màrio Barreiros, Eugénio Barreiros, Pedro Pinto, Álvaro Marques, Gabriela Schaaf and Fernando Gomes.

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