Júlio de Matos Photography

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Hello Julio:

Thank you for the opportunity to review your series. In this collection of images you photograph a man that you admire because he lives a humble but dignified life. You see M. as a person that has experienced some misfortune, and he serves as a reminder that we might one day find ourselves in similar, precarious position.

These are well-lit, well crafted images with very rich and seductive tonal range. You illuminate M. in a way that makes him vulnerable—the lines in his face begin to tell a life story fraught with adversity and hardship. He submits himself to your camera. His expressions seem honest and genuine. Your strongest images are those that include his hands. (...)

Your first image is one of the strongest in this series. His facial expression suggests that he is calm, introspective—he places his hand on his head as a gesture of comfort. (...) This is powerful work! (...)

This is strong work Julio. I was touched by your images and by your story of M. . (...)

Lens Culture, 2019