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All the energy conducting to the realization of this unanticipated and unplanned project could only happen in a Halloween Night. Can we be truly possessed by forces beyond our control? I must believe that sometimes this is true.

It was late night and all the tools and elements for this happening / project were at hand. Model, Space, Polaroid SX-70 Camera and Film, Lights,...but all of that is “inanimate” unless there is some powerful creative energy that trans-mutates that.

Digital photography was not yet invented at the time. The fact that I was working with Polaroid film made a total difference. Each image made was a final printed image. I was visually writing, image by image, something dictated directly by my sub-conscient.

After the creative process was ignited, it developed and gained momentum. It was a very exciting photographic event. I was surprised by energy it generated. And when I made the last image I knew that it was meant to be the final one in that halloween night Ritual!

Júlio de Matos
June, 29th 2009

Note: This project was part of “Class Shots”, presented at Clarence White Gallery in Boston. Later it was exhibited in Árvore Gallery in Porto, as part of the art programming of the “Fantasporto Film Festival”.

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