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Dwarf Village Book (1981)


The artbook project DWARF VILLAGE BOOK was conceived and designed by Nelson Vigneault and Júlio de Matos as a RIT Graduate Independent Study with Charles Arnold Jr. in 1981.

The photographs included in this publication prototype were all made at William Gratwick's estate in Rochester's vicinity. The photographers include Charles Arnold Jr., Jamey Stilings, Jane Stevens, Nelson Vigneault, Júlio da Matos and others that I cannot recall at this moment.

The presented images in this gallery were scanned from photocopies of an unpublished real-size camera ready dummy.

The text for this publication is a transcription of a tape recording of an oral interview with Bill Gratwick in Spring 1981. In this original and unpublished text William Gratwick Jr. narrates the story of his great great grand-father comming to North America to create a place where the French Queen Marie Antoinette could escape from the French Revolution and live happily with her dwarfs. Of course this was another "Blatant Lie" by William Gratwick. I think...

Júlio de Matos
Porto, 22nd July 2010

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