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Personal Notes

When I had my Fading Hutongs exhibition at MIT, I was asked by Gary Van Zant, the MIT's Wolk Gallery curator of : "anything you would like to say about your photographic training at Rochester."

This was my answer:

"Concerning my career as a photographer I divided it in three periods:  1) Before RIT, 2) Inside RIT, 3) After RIT. To be accepted in the MFA in Photography at RIT was an achievement and a landmark, that still today is so important for me.

RIT is not a place, is not buildings, nor just  faculty: Its a living learning being. I found a very positive learning environment, wonderful facilities, (labs, studios, ...), and most of all some exceptional people, from whom I learned not only in classes but also by its example of professional excellence and human deepness. For me to have known "Charlie" (Charles Arnold Jr.),  "Bea" (Bea Nettles), John Pfahl, Owen Butler,  and "Dr. Z" (Richard Zakia), made a whole difference in my life.

RIT excellence had a lifetime impact on me. "

Júlio de Matos, 2008

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