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But what is fundamentally more important in the work are the photographs of some of the finest examples of these “casas de brasileiro”, which can mainly be seen in the North and, particularly, in Minho, in the so-called Entre-Douro e Minho region, a province which contributed the highest numbers of emigrants to the “sister country”. Its author is the photographer and architect (since 1976) Júlio de Matos, a northerner who started exhibiting 30 years ago and designed the audiovisual presentation which launched the Douro region as World Heritage, besides having conceived a Sea Museum of the Portuguese Language, which never came to fruition. All this coexists with his love for other shores, including Asia: his latest exhibition, Fading Hutongs, in 2008, is a project on the disappearance of Beijing’s typical urban mesh.

Besides being the author of self-explanatory photographs, as can be seen from those reproduced here, Júlio de Matos is commenting on the “conceptual issues which architectural photography raises”, in which the question of whether architecture is “photographable or only documentable or appropriable by photography” is actually posed. It should be noted that the photographs compiled in this album made up an exhibition which, in 2008, was shown to the public in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

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