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Júlio de Matos, born in Braga, Portugal, became interested in photography and black and white darkroom work at an early age, receiving various commissions for portrait work.

In 1974, he trained in Industrial Design with Gerald Gulotta, of the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, USA, attending the Industrial Design Workshop 74 (an immersive two month event), organized by the portuguese Fundo de Fomento de Exportação.

In 1976, he completed the Higher Education Architecture Course at ESBAP – the University of Porto School of Fine Arts.

From 1979 until 1981, he improved his knowledge of photography thanks to the ITT - International Fellowship awarded to him through the Fullbright-Hays Scholarship Program to support for a post-graduate MFA in Photography as a Fine Art at RIT - Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA. There, he studied with Charles Arnold Jr., Owen Butler, Bea Nettles, John Pfahl, Elliott Rubenstein, Richard Zakia, amongst others.

Part of his initial work deals with and explores interconnections, between manuality, photographic techniques and the alternative photographic processes, with vision, content and meaning.

He carried out photographic projects which resulted from his multiple trips to Asia, and are an evidence for his concern with the survival and extinction of ancestral cultures: “Ta Prohm – The Memory of the World” (Cambodia, 2001), “Heaven's Door – Manikarnika Ghat” (India, 2003), “Fading Hutongs” (China, 2005-2008). “Casas de Brasileiro” (Portugal, 2008) reveal this same state of mind.

Later, the photo series “Flat Water”, carried out in the North of Portugal, deals with digital interventions as a way to question the apparent three-dimensionality of Landscape on a photographic print..

His 2012 photo series “Travel Journal - A Journey to Santa Fe”, (New Mexico. USA, 2012) made on a introspective personal trip to New Mexico, explores the relationship between text/image, the narrative metaphor. in 2016 he pursues the same concept with the project "Crónicas de Ronci", a result of a very slow trip to Arles, France.

Recently he returned to teaching, offering workshops, writing on the subject of photography, working on new projects.

His most recente project is “The Road We Are” an exhibition and audiovisual project (Porto, 2018).


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Portrait made with the Electrophotography Process on an Halloid Xerox Camera; Photo: © Júlio de Matos, 1980

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