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Mestre José Rodrigues, 2005; © Júlio de Matos



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There are moments that last and echo far beyond its temporal existence. Like that, suspended in the mesh of time. About 12 years ago we had a photographic encounter The Social Factory was a project that was beginning to take shape and contours. I had already done a portrait of my friend Zé Rodrigues. A Polaroid SX-70 photo that I keep "religiously" signed by the fist of the photographed. It was during the adventurous days of the Art Courses at Árvore ... On this autumn afternoon, we gave way to a shared photographic complicity. Of about 70 images that I did in a "young" digital camera, there were two that stood out but needed a careful photographic processing. And so they floated in time for about 10 years, unfinished. In 2015 I rolled up the sleeves and dedicated the time and energy needed, and I "solved" the two images. I revisited José Rodrigues to offer him his portraits. By his fist and saying out loud, returned by writing in my copy of his portrait a felt dedication: "To my friend Julio, a true friend." and signed. From the photographic session, among several episodes that I still remember, at the end he ended yhe photo session by saying: "Are we done yet?"; Photo: © Júlio de Matos, 2005

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