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I am thankful for the generosity and support to all who shared their personal reactions and comments about my Photography teaching and/or Porto experience.

Júlio de Matos

Liss Ross

"Júlio, it's a privilege to have a photo tour with you! You are one of the best photographer in Portugal and your master classes are priceless."

Regensburg, Deutchland, Abril, 2017

Margarida Ibañez

"... your workshop in Serralves was stimulating, and gave us your knowledge in a simple and fearless way. Really enjoyed it."

Porto, January, 2017

João Pedro Rodrigues

"I am writing to thank you for your availability during the workshop "O Olhar Fotográfico". I really liked the themes and how they were structured. It was an excellent experience and I would like to participate in other events organized by you."

Lisboa, October, 2015

Sami Kilic

"My wife Lale and I enjoyed the tour of the Porto Modern Art Gallery and your excellent one day course of photography."

Istanbul, Turkey, July 2015

Luciana Bignardi

"Júlio de Matos dominates and has the ability to Communicate perfectly the contents that he proposes in his courses. I felt balanced the relation between theoretical foundations and the tools practice.

In addition, learning to organize my work with logic and rigor was fundamental. I concluded his Course very enthusiastic to continue, inspired by a professional who "photographs as he breathes"."

Viana do Castelo, March, 2017

Rui d’Alte

"The need for theoretical and practical training in the field of Digital Photography led me to seek, find and attend two short courses, "Digital Photography 1" and "Digital Laboratory 1", which took place in the Foundation Sculptor José Rodrigues, under the guidance of the Architect and Photographer Júlio de Matos.

Guaranteed for me, "a priori", the quality of the courses, in the person of its advisor, with whom I had already learned analog photography, in the first Superior Course of Photography in Portugal, at Árvore - Cooperative of Artistic Higher Education, the final result only confirmed my expectations.

I acquired the theoretical-practical knowledge that I aspired to, both in the handling, structure and operation of a digital camera, as well as on the main digital image processing software, the practical introduction to two of the main ones (Photoshop™, Lightrom™) as well as where to find complementary information.

... I strongly recommend these courses to those who, like me, want to start in Digital Photography."

Porto, March 2017

Vicky Tsao

"Good sense of humor and full of philosophy of life. For me, the time with him was very short. He enlightened me in so many ways within 3.5 days. He did not take me just doing touristy things walking around the city, taking photos sort of things but leads me to different perspective of things and views. The way he thinks, deals with things, cooks, drives, sees.... , which is the thing I can learn and be inspired. So thank you very much, Julio. I really had a great time cooking with you, watching the ray of sky, the splash of waves, tasting the wine and traditional Portuguese cuisine, etc. You're fantastic with lots of energy and spirit. I'm really lucky to meet you, know you and explore you. You're full of surprise. "

Taipei city, Taiwan, RPC, October 2015

Jess Davis

"He was very accommodating and knowledgeable. He taught us so much about the history and culture of his city and Portugal as a whole. Overall a great experience :)"

New Orleans, US, December 2014


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Internacional Photo Workshop in Serralves, 2015; Photo: © Sami Kilic / Serralves, 2015

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